Staff Directory

Five female staff members pose for picture in school hallway

Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-721-2460.

Name Grade/Position Phone Extension
M. Clunis Principal 51150
V. Boyden Vice Principal 51150
L. D'Amico Administrative Assistant 51150
J. Nazzaro Administrative Assistant  51151
T. Osso FDK Teacher 42070
E. Boylan FDK DECE  
K. Duff FDK Teacher 42337
S. Deruchie FDK DECE 42314
A. Thomas FDK Teacher 41495
J. Morash FDK DECE 42046
A. Allan Grade 1 FI Teacher  42035
L. Reid Grade 1/2 FI Teacher  42052
A. Herr Grade 1 FI Teacher 42037
A. Boomhour  Grade 1 Teacher 42034
L. Reid Grade 2 FI Teacher   
N. Pilon Grade 2 FI Teacher  42057
H. Kelly  Grade 2/3 FI Teacher 42044
L. Morton Grade 3 Teacher  40262
C. Del Rosso  Grade 3 FI Teacher  42041
D. Protomanni Grade 3 FI Teacher  
M. Pellegrino Grade 3/4 Teacher 42055
K. Karstulovich Grade 4 FI Teacher   
M. Landry Grade 4 FI Teacher   
L. Morton Grade 4 Teacher  40262
N. Anctil  Grade 5 FI Teacher  
A. Duranjo Grade 5/6 FI Teacher   
K. Duff Grade 5 Teacher  42337
C. Campbell Grade 6 Teacher  
Marina Sepieh  Grade 6 FI Teacher  42054
Felicia Marshall  Grade 7 Teacher  42269
Patrick Lacey  Grade 6 & 7 FI Teacher 42058
Andrea Passarelli  Grade 7 FI Teacher  42036
Paul Cascini  Grade 8 Teacher  42059
Elvira Just Grade 8 FI Teacher 42043
Chantel Mikhael Grade 8 EF Teacher 42039
Kim Watson Curriculum Coverage Teacher 42226
Rachel Dupont Curriculum Coverage Teacher 42061
Sylvia Drewicz Curriculum Coverage Teacher 42069
D. Dumo Curriculum Coverage Teacher   
K. McGoura Curriculum Coverage Teacher  
R. Power Curriculum Coverage Teacher 40705
M. Strickland Program Support Teacher 51156
R. Siciliano Program Support Teacher  41559
L. Esposito Educational Assistant  
J. Bukowski Educational Assistant  
S. Scalzo Educational Assistant 40240
N. Careford Education Assistant (PM only)  
Patty Lahey Librarian 51157
Al Stauffer Head Custodian 51158
Rita Mifsud Custodian 42072


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